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Our network of land owners, funding providers, facility operators and energy professionals brings people together to develop profitable energy projects across the UK.

Industry expertise

The UK is facing a complex energy challenge; we understand that challenge and the incentive schemes that address it. Our job is to make sure your energy facility maximises ROI – now and in the future.

Commercial negotiation

Our 80 plus years’ experience in energy supply gives you access to unparalleled knowledge and expertise, and the assurance that your contract negotiations deliver on both price and service.

Reliance Energy

The UK energy market is complex – fact

The Government must find sustainable ways to keep the lights on all the time – fact

The National Grid predicts flexible power generation will double over the next eight years – fact

Reliance Energy is all about fulfilling the UK’s increasing need for flexible energy generation.  The surplus capacity held by the National Grid has reduced over recent years from 20% to just 4%; it now needs smaller providers to bolster capacity in order that it can manage fluctuations in demand.  We provide the skill, knowledge and practical application that makes flexible power generation projects work for their owners and for the communities that benefit from them.

What is flexible power generation?

If only the sun shone all the time!  The UK has two major energy challenges; providing reliable energy whenever consumers need the power, while lowering carbon emissions at a price UK consumers can afford.  The Government has shown a strong commitment to the renewables market but as we all know, power derived from sun and wind cannot provide power every hour of every day.  Flexible power generation is a means of providing power to the network when demand exceeds supply and at other periods of peak demand.  They don’t need to run often, but they provide the National Grid critical supply resilience that allows them to keep the lights on.

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Our clients

Our clients are landowners, agents, community organisations, existing renewable and non-renewable power operators, and innovators. We help them to:

  • optimise revenue from power generation assets by actively managing contracts, sharing grid connections and securing income streams
  • understand the complex energy market, its incentives and structures
  • develop new energy facility sites – our involvement can be from inception to commissioning and onwards, or in just one part of that process
  • trial new technology and evaluate its potential

At Reliance Energy we deliver cost effective solutions to the energy market at the time they are needed the most.

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